Youth Academy of Dreams

Opens August 27, 2018
Monday – Friday
3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

DHS Certificates Accepted

The Youth Academy of Dreams (YAOD)

is a non-profit organization devoted to achieving excellence in children ages 5-18. We believe that every child brings unique gifts to the world when they are empowered to reach their full potential. Our collaborative plan for success maximizes child, family and community engagement to close the achievement gap and prevent juvenile crime. We help children realize their talents and maximize their creativity through education, discovery, mentoring and sports programs.


Our Education program promotes children’s academic proficiency and intellectual growth through specialized individual and group learning.


Our Mentoring program connects children with experienced and knowledgeable mentors who can help them make positive choices and take productive action.


Our Discovery program introduces children to new experiences that encourage them to explore and enhance their world.


Our Sports program channels children’s energy through competitive leagues and tournaments that promote teamwork, leadership and sportsmanship.


Our Intervention Program introduces behavioral management, community service and interpersonal skills for youth with minor offenses. Referrals only.

For more information contact  or 901-572-1167

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